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Test Post August 30, 2011

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In class today Peggy, Ashton and I used a coral reef as an example of a system and tried to think of the things that influence the health of the reef and from that, how the reef can affect those influences.


2 Responses to “Test Post”

  1. mstackman Says:

    The coral reef is a good example of a system as it really can demonstrate the health of the water. There are many things that would flow into and out of the coral reef. For example, pollution, natural disasters, human activity, and the water condition would flow into the coral reef, and fish activity and plant growth would flow out of the system. Research about coral reefs would be helpful to more fully understand the cycle. A feedback loop can easily be identified, describing the oscillation of its health.

  2. knb9ke Says:

    I like that you considered a system that deals with both living and nonliving components and one that is very important and relevant to our world today.

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