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The Edge is Dead? September 16, 2011

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This short article by Edward Wainwright talks about the harsh edges that he believes characterize North America.  He uses New York City and the sharp and immediate contrast of the “white-hot city core” and the “deep rolling waters”  as his prime example. He argues that activity takes place only inside this core, never beyond it, or more importantly never on the edge.  Another example Wainwright uses is of a shopping mall and the huge “antiseptic” parking lot that isolates the bustling center of activity, but serves no other purpose.   Somehow we have begun to build a-contextually.  The article goes on to state that the edge is not a place of possibility but of violence, regulation, and judgement.  The possibilities of an ambiguous edge have become frightening, but its rich potential can not be ignored.

Do you believe the edge is really dead? What are the implications of architecture that needs no context?  Shouldn’t we learn from nature and realize that the edges hold opportunities for even more interesting activity and diversity than what might already exist on the interior?


One Response to “The Edge is Dead?”

  1. krg2uf Says:

    I would agree with this article. Living in New York City, I could count the times I’ve been to either edge with the fingers on my hand…and still have fingers left over. The issue is that, as the article says, both citizens and tourists are “blocked” away from the waterfront edges. They are un-inviting and not well cared for. For the most part, these edges are filled with Highways or buildings, which gives little to no access for people to walk to. There are few parks, and even these are seem to be rundown and uncared for. There have been recent talks about renovating some of these waterfronts (or edges) so as to encourage more use. The best idea so far has been to provide corridors that run between the edges. However I think it would be best to just transform the edge from asphalt roads to grass fields. Could that be possible?

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